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Paxil & Other Antidepressants Linked to Increased Suicides

This morning's NY Times has picked up on a story that I posted two months ago. Not only do the antidepressants frequently not work, but they also increase the risk of suicide.

Depression is serious business and can be terminal if it results in suicide. I believe that it is tragic that wonderful tools like fish oil are not used more frequently.

Let's face it, we are all fatheads. Sixty percent of our brain is composed of fat and half of that fat is DHA, one of the fats in fish oil. Our body can't make it, and if we don't supply it we will suffer neurological complications. One can certainly be depressed and have adequate amounts of fish oil, but it is a simple, basic, inexpensive and non-toxic strategy that help many with depression.

EFT is another powerful tool, but self-treatment is discouraged for serious depression problems. Rather, one should seek an experienced therapist who can rapidly facilitate resolution of the depression.

New York Times August 7, 2003 Free Registration Required

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