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NY Has What Appears to be the Best Online Food Service

FreshDirect's concept is simple enough. Unlike many ill-fated online grocery services, it is not a supermarket from which you order food online. Rather, it is a giant distribution facility in Long Island City, Queens, one equipped with 12 different temperature zones. Orders are custom-filled 24 hours a day.

However, it was the owner's obsession with cleanliness, rather than convenience, that inspired him to start his firm. He was appalled by the lack of refrigeration for perishable items in grocery stores, and the fact that shoppers, store clerks and anyone else could paw through every apple display and olive bin, leaving germs behind.

I will be in NY on the weekend of October 25 to give one of my seminars, and I plan on using this service while I am there.

New York Times August 8, 2003 Free Registration Required

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