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Pick Your Poison--Saccharin or Nutrasweet?

Research history proves that saccharin, the pink stuff known as Sweet 'N Low, is perfectly safe for human use and has always been safe to use. The pink stuff never caused cancer in any human being in over 100 years of use. Saccharin has only received a total of six FDA complaints whereas aspartame, found in the blue packet known as NutraSweet's Equal, had received over 10,000 complaints to the FDA after only 10 years of use. Aspartame has been proven in laboratory studies to eat holes in the brains of laboratory animals, cause mammary gland and testes tumors, lower fetal IQ and adversely affect fetal formation, yet it has no danger warning other than for Phenylketonuria, the inherited inability to process the amino acid phenylalanine.

So why then is the pink pack labeled a carcinogen and the blue pack deemed as safe when it's actually the other way around?

For further information on the dangers of nutrasweet you can review my nutrasweet page. August 12, 2003

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