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Pastured Poultry Better Than Free Range

This is "pastured poultry" NOT pasteurized poultry. Giving chickens more grass and fewer grains leads to healthier chickens. These chickens have even more time on the range than the typical "free-range" chickens.

While free-range chickens boast access to the outdoors, they don't necessarily spend a lot of time rambling in the wide-open spaces. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's definition of free-range says these chickens must be able to go outside whenever they want, through barn doors that are always left open. But that definition leaves leeway. A lot of people are savvy to the fact that 'free-range' can be meaningless.

Slight caution though to beware of the brand recommended in this article as the reporter did not interview people savvy in this area. There are far better producers.

Seattle Times August 12, 2003

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