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Fish Fat Protects Your Heart & Your Brain

Good to see that one of the top papers, the Washington Post, is getting on board with the fact that fish oil is one of the few supplements that nearly each and every one of us should be taking. As I mention in the post below on Alzheimer's, fish fat is profoundly useful for brain function.

Most of us don't appreciate that we are all fatheads, as 60 percent of our brain is composed of fat. About half of that fat is DHA (one fatty acid in fish oil). The other major fat is arachidonic acid that is found in raw eggs and raw dairy.

The article expands on the use of fish oil for the treatment of depression. For long-time readers of this newsletter this is no mystery, as I have posted many articles on this before.

When using fish oil it is important to obtain a high-quality reputable brand.

Washington Post August 19, 2003 Page HE01 Free Registration Required

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