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Five Reasons to Avoid Genetically Modified Crops

This is a topic I have frequently discussed. Now The Ecologist, published in London, and the world's longest running environmental magazine, vigorously opposes GM foods. It is read by people in over 150 countries.

The August issue has a lengthy article (posted below) titled "5 Reasons To Keep Britain GM-Free." Although it discusses genetically engineered crops from Britain's perspective, the points it makes are applicable to any country. The five reasons are:

  • GM Will Remove Consumer Choice
  • Health Risks Have Not Been Disproved
  • Farmers Will be Destroyed
  • The Environment Will Suffer
  • GM Crops Will Not Feed The Poor

One of the sub-topics under "Farmers Will be Destroyed" is "Organic Farmers Ruined." Unfortunately, that is starting to happen now in the United States as more and more organic crops become contaminated with the genes from genetically engineered crops. Over time, the new "USDA ORGANIC" label may come to represent an inferior organic product compared to organic crops from those countries that are not allowing genetically engineered crops to be grown.

The fastest way to dramatically reduce the acreage of genetically engineered crops being grown in the United States is to pass mandatory labeling legislation. Once genetically engineered foods are required to be labeled, manufacturers will begin using non-genetically engineered ingredients. And if food manufacturers stop buying genetically engineered crops, farmers will stop growing them. It is the basic law of supply and demand. Remove the demand, and the supply will quickly go away.

The Ecologist August 2003

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