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Prostate Cancer : How do You Diagnose and Treat?

The need for biopsy of the prostate glands for abnormal PSA tests just decreased as a simple set of calculations may help up to one-quarter of these men avoid an unnecessary biopsy of the prostate gland. Experts estimate that 750,000 of the 1 million biopsies performed each year are unnecessary.

The investigators found that the most important predictors of cancer were:

  • A digital rectal exam to feel for a hardened nodule that may be a tumor
  • A transrectal ultrasound to look for a darkened area that may be cancerous
  • A man's age: 90 percent of prostate cancer cases are in men over 65
  • PSA density, which is the ratio between PSA level and prostate size (A smaller gland with elevated PSA is more likely to be cancer than a larger gland with elevated PSA)

So if a prostate cancer is found, what can you do to treat it? Basically there are nearly identical natural treatment principles for prostate and breast cancers:

And probably *the most important nutrient---omega-3 oils.

USA Today August 26, 2003

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