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Reduced Excretion of Toxic Mercury May Explain Autism Link

Last year I posted a story that autism is a form of mercury poisoning and that exposure to the mercury-based preservative thimerosal in vaccines has likely caused neurological damage to thousands of children.

This study provides the clearest proof to date that small differences in mercury exposure and detoxification ability can drive huge differences in the brain development of small children. Recent studies sponsored by vaccine health officials who have attempted to reassure parents about the safety of so-called "low-dose" mercury exposures from vaccines have completely failed to assess individual sensitivity to this neurotoxin. It only takes one child in 100 to have reduced excretion capacity, and you can have an epidemic of neurological disease on your hands.

This research is also consistent with a two-year-old post I put on the site addressing the mercury and autism connection.

International Journal Toxicology Jul/Aug 2003;22(4):277-85.

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