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MCI is Evil

Dana Blakenhorn is one of my favorite writers, and I regularly review his tech blog. This morning he has a post on the evil of Worldcom and its new name MCI. Most of you are aware of the rotten business they played creating the most sweeping bookkeeping deception in history. Dana reviews some of the details if you aren't familiar with them.

The reason I post this here is that some of you are being approached by MCI with "terrific" telephone offers of free long distance on your phone for inexpensive rates. Don't be tempted by MCI. The company is rotten to the core and should be avoided like the plague. Your phone service is too important to be given to an untrustworthy company like MCI (Worldcom) that has deceived and hurt so many.

No, I never owned any Worldcom stock and never lost a penny. It just infuriates me that this corporation was able to get away with so much and now deceive even more people.

Moore's Lore August 27, 2003

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