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The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation

The National Research Council is currently reviewing the toxicity of fluoride on bones and organ systems. In his "Health Tips" Nick Regush reminds us that:

"About a decade ago, an NRC panel found considerable gaps in knowledge about the efficacy and safety of fluoride. Among the concerns cited by the panel back then was the potential adverse effects of fluoride on the nervous system and bone.

So now, the NRC will probe the latest research (toxicological, epidemiological, clinical and exposure data). You can bet that the proponents of fluoride use will be seen in full force in trying to steer any review of fluoride."

If you are not already familiar with the dangers of fluoride and why many European countries have stopped using it you can review the two articles from Dr. Paul Connett that extensively review the topic.

You can also review my fluoride links page for more resources.

National Research Council August 12, 2003

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