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Do You Really Want to Cycle For Exercise?

I know there are many budding Lance Armstrongs out there, but one needs to understand that although cycling is enjoyable it is clearly not the preferred method of exercising. Minute for minute most people will need to exercise two to four times as long on a bike as they will running to obtain the same exercise benefit.

However, the major problem with cycling is getting in a collision with a car. During the summer I typically put in a quick 20-mile ride on Sundays when the traffic is VERY low.

A new study shows that for every mile traveled, bicyclists were 12 times more likely to get killed than car occupants. You don't need a degree in mechanical engineering to understand that when a car hits a bike, the bike loses nearly 100 percent of the time.

If you do cycle it is absolutely imperative that you wear a helmet.

American Journal of Public Health September 2003

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