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Drugs to Use if You Can't Remember

The brain reaches its maximum weight by age 20 and then slowly starts shrinking, losing 10 percent of its volume over an average lifetime. Surveys have found that 75 percent of people over 50 believe they suffered memory problems over the prior year. At least 20 million Americans over 60 have some level of memory impairment short of dementia. Another 4.5 million are victims of Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's is the No. 1 cause of institutionalization in the United States. This Business Week article (one of my favorite periodicals) reviews some of the drugs that are in the pipeline for treating Alzheimer's.

Much of the work involves a neurotransmitter called cyclic-amp (cAMP). This neurotransmitter activates a protein called CREB, which in turn switches on the genes that control the release of neurotransmitters essential to long-term memory.

Most of you reading this will understand that drugs are not the cure or solution for Alzheimer's; you are interested in natural solutions. So if you missed my blog last week you might not know I had a blog entry detailing how you can prevent Alzheimer's. If you are concerned about this topic, it would be reasonable to review and apply the recommendations.

Unfortunately, the Business Week article requires a paid subscription to review the online link.

Business Week September 1, 2003

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