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Nausea Can Be All in Your Head

Patients will frequently ask me for anti-nausea pills when they go on a trip and fear they will become seasick or carsick. I always advise that they try Sea Bands, which is a wrist strap available at nearly all sports stores. It puts pressure on an acupuncture point known to be responsible for quieting the nausea reflex.

Interestingly, this new study suggests that the bands may work more by the expectation of the person using them. The study showed that cancer patients who expected acupressure wrist bands to ease the nausea they had from chemotherapy were much more likely to gain relief than either patients who were not given the bands or those who received them but didn't expect them to help.

Every healer should understand that what your patient believes will happen is important. This is one of the reasons why EFT is so important as it helps remove the barriers one may have to adopting these beliefs. You can download my free 25-page EFT report for more information.

Journal Pain Symptom Management August 2003;26(2):731-42

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