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Meditation Can Boost Your Immune System

Researchers found that people who did eight weeks of meditation training produced more antibodies to a flu vaccine. They also showed signs of increased activity in brain areas related to positive emotion than people who didn't meditate.

While most of you know that I am not a major fan of flu vaccines, the study does show the value that meditation has to the immune system. I am sure there are some outstanding meditators out there, but I suspect most of you are similar to me and remain seriously challenged to remain focused and not let your mind wander.

Fortunately, there is a major new advance involving brain wave entrainment. Over the last year I have been using the Holosynch system to provide the benefits of meditating for more than a decade nearly instantly. If you haven't read my recent article on Holosynch yet please do as I suspect you will find it fascinating.

Psychosomatic Medicine Jul-Aug 2003;65(4):564-70

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