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The Car That Parks Itself

The world's first car that can park itself will be offered by Toyota. That in and of itself is quite remarkable but Toyota's new hybrid gasoline-electric second-generation 2004 Prius sedan gets over 55 miles to the gallon of gas.

While other manufacturers are still trying to figure out if they should even build a hybrid Toyota goes ahead and launches its second-generation Prius.

Toyota claims that its hybrid's 0-to-60-mph time has dropped from 12.7 seconds to a more respectable 10 seconds,on par with most four-cylinder sedans and with a combined city/highway rating of 55 miles to the gallon, the Prius is not just the most economical midsize sedan--it's one of the most economical cars in the world. Despite all the improvements, the Prius still carries a base price of just $20,000 and will be available next month.

Yahoo Tech News September 1, 2003

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