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You Can Fool Some of The People Some of The Time

About 3 million in England have tried the Atkins Diet. Many scientists and nutritionists there, however, say that if used long-term, its higher fat content could lead to kidney problems--and some have even suggested that it could increase the risk of bowel cancer.

Interestingly, only one in a hundred of those actually using the Atkins diet were convinced by such warnings. The public's experience is that Atkins is more effective than conventional diets in helping people to lose weight but causes more side effects.

My book will be published in January in England and hopefully will help them refine the Atkins program even further. The scientists are indeed correct. The Atkins Diet can be dangerous for some, but the central issue is finding out for whom.

About one-third of people do relatively well on Atkins, one-third so-so, and the last third do absolutely terrible. The "secret" involves understanding one's nutritional type so you understand which group you belong in.

BBC News September 1, 2003

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