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Trans Fats Labeling History

An amazing story that details the specifics of the many years it has taken to have the well-recognized heart disease- and cancer-promoting effects of trans fats acknowledged and labeled in the American food system.

Trans fats lurk throughout the American diet--in fast foods (especially fried ones), margarines, shortenings such as Crisco, cookies and candies, crackers, doughnuts, breads, potato chips, some cereals, packaged cake and biscuit mixes, many frozen pies and pot pies, and anything with partially hydrogenated oil as an ingredient.

Even the conservative FDA estimates that a change in labeling that warned consumers about trans fats would prevent from 7,600 to 17,100 cases of coronary heart disease and avert 2,500 to 5,600 deaths per year within 10 years after the rule becomes effective. Americans would have healthier lives.

Washington Post September 10, 2003 Free Registration Required

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