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Why Are You Paying More For Health Care?

If your employer is paying for your health care it is likely the portion you are paying has increased by 50 percent over the last three years as two-thirds of employers have increased the amounts that employees are contributing to the cost of the insurance plans. Deductibles and co-payments for hospital care, which were uncommon only a few years ago, were required by four in 10 plans this year.

Ever wonder why you are paying more?

The answer is quite simple and you likely already know it if you are a regular reader of my newsletter. The drug companies are extracting their ever-increasing toll from all of us. The costs of the fatally flawed traditional medical paradigm, which in no way, shape or form addresses the foundational cause of disease, is steadily increasing. We are currently approaching $2 trillion for health care in the United States, and this will increase to $3 trillion by the end of the decade.

The business community can only shelter their employees from this ever-increasing cost for so long before they will start to feel some of the pain from relying on drugs and surgery to treat symptoms rather than addressing the emotional short-circuitings, eating and exercise habits that cause well over 90 percent of all diseases people acquire.

Retail pharmacies will fill nearly 4 billion prescriptions this year in the United States. Does anyone really believe that we need that many drugs?

Fortunately, there are many options available to achieve optimal health and reverse chronic disease, and regular readers of my newsletter are familiar with many of them. Ultimately it seems the solution to this challenge that is consuming over 15 percent of our gross national product is to change the insurance industry to include coverage for only catastrophic disease.

My deductible on my personal health insurance policy is $10,000. Some may gasp at the high amount, but I have had that same deductible for the last 20 years, and I have saved well over $50,000 in unpaid insurance premiums. So even if I had to pay the deductible five times I would still be ahead.

But can anyone guess how much I have paid for my personal health care in the last 20 years? If you guessed close to zero you are correct. I am sure the amount is well under $100. You see one of the benefits of eating healthy and exercising regularly is that one very rarely gets sick and requires the use of expensive traditional medical interventions.

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