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Is Aspirin Really Good For You?

I posted this study as many are likely still confused and believe that a baby aspirin a day will prevent heart disease as tomorrow's British Medical Journal editorial strongly suggests. This is most curious as over one year ago they published a study and editorial that strongly suggested otherwise. There is aslo other evidence that aspirin should not be used to prevent heart disease as I posted over three years ago.

So what can you do to prevent heart disease?

Plenty. The simplest and the most profound thing you can is to take fish or cod liver oil as I posted this week. This is non-controversial, even in the traditional medical community. I have yet to see any traditional medical opposition to the use of fish oil to prevent heart disease.

But don't take the fish/cod liver oil unless you are willing to risk some of the other side effects, such as reduced rate of cancer and Alzheimer's.

British Medical Journal September 13, 2003327:572-573 Free Full Text Journal Article

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