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Verisign is Evil

Most of you have no idea who Verisign is, but they are a big Internet player that controls most of the domain names. They also have issued most of the secure digital certificates that allow Web sites to do secure transactions. On Tuesday, for their own evil, greedy, selfish purposes, they "broke" the Internet. Ostensibly they redirected traffic from mistyped URLs to their own site to give users a "hint" of what the URL was that they were searching for. But they sell their ads with the increased traffic to make more profit.

In the process of redirecting traffic they "broke" fundamentals of how the Internet works. They broke the way new subscribers sign up for my newsletter. Previously if someone typed in a wrong email address (happens about 30 percent of the time) they would get an error message, but since Verisign broke the Net, this can't be done.

The only reason they could do this is that they have a government-granted monopoly and rights to redirect traffic. I sure hope that ICANN or the U.S. government recognizes how evil they are and acts appropriately to take away their authority.

Fortunately, tech is mighty resourceful and there will be an official bind patch issued in the next few days that works around their evil plan. I read Dana's blog (as he is one of my favorite tech journalists) every day and he had the best summary of what they did.

Dana Blakenhorn Blog Septebmer 17, 2003

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