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CDC Starts Campaign to Reduce Antibiotic Use

Earlier this year I posted an article detailing how doctors have finally started to reduce their use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, some traditional doctors still think that antibiotics should be used for just about everything. That is why the CDC has just announced a massive campaign to encourgae the public about the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, patient requests and expectations are the main reason doctors prescribe antibiotics that aren't needed, the CDC says. Many people are simply in a rush to get back to work or get their kids back in school, and pediatricians don't want to disappoint them. If you're going to take time off from work to come to the doctor, you want to feel validated. The CDC also plans to make prescription-style forms available that doctors can use to write instructions and advice for patients in place of an antibiotic prescription.

In other countries, such as Germany, you have to spend 15 minutes convincing a parent why their child needs an antibiotic. Here, you may have to spend 15 minutes telling the parent why they don't need one.

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