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How to Improve MS

It is no mystery that stress can worsen our health. Some of the more obvious effects are:

Now it appears that MS can also be adversely affected. This is also no big surprise. Personally, since I have learned to apply nutritional typing and emotional balancing in my practice our success rates for MS have been dramatically improved.

The vast majority of the patients who come to our clinic with early MS seem to do quite well. It is absolutely amazing. It is uncommon for a week to go by without seeing someone in the practice who has resolved their MS challenge with the program. I am convinced that, just as the article mentions, resolving the stress is a major part of improving the MS equation.

Avoiding nearly all drugs for MS makes the most sense since they are only Band-Aids (and for most quite expensive). Vitamin D is also an essential part of the treatment. In my book it is medical malpractice not to normalize vitamin D levels with testing to values in the high 40s or low 50s. Always remember that omega-3 fats are also extremely important, with cod liver oil being one of the best sources for most people now as fall is approaching in the United States.

British Medical Journal September 20, 2003 Free full text journal article

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