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More on Verisign--Evil Incarnate

Many may not realize that when Verisign broke the Internet last week they increased the spam you will get, as they broke the technique, used by many ISPs and network administrators, to weed out incoming e-mails to an e-mail server.

Adding insult to injury, not only has Verisign betrayed their trust by hijacking all the .NET and .COM typos, they've also tossed out the privacy of every fumblefingered netizen by putting a Web-bug on their SiteFinder page, so that anyone whose session is stolen by Verisign is thereafter marked with a tracker-cookie that is used to spy on you as you traverse the Web.

The query string of the URL contains the usual things such as the Web page URL, the referring URL, browser type, screen size, etc. This query string is built on the fly by about 50 lines of JavaScript embedded in the Verisign Web page. The Omniture server sets a cookie so that people can be watched over time to see what typos they are making. These arrogant knuckleheads also ignored ICANN's warning letter as posted on Slashdot:

Verisign Responds To ICANN's SiteFinder Advisory

VeriSign's Naming and Directory Services division has written to ICANN President and CEO Paul Twomey regarding the recent advisory concerning VeriSign's DNS wildcard redirection service. In the letter, Verisign's Rusty Lewis says that they are open to independent and objective technical concerns expressed by various Internet bodies; they have formed their own "independent" panel of industry leading experts to produce its own, separate report; and they will not voluntarily suspend SiteFinder.

In other words they will continue to hijack the Internet as no legal body is forcing them to stop. As I previously said, eventually they will reap big time the evil they are currently sowing.

Slashdot September 23, 2003

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