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Kids Have More Broken Bones

Mayo Clinic researcher found that wrist fractures among kids and teens have risen dramatically during the past 30 years. This raises concerns that kids today aren't building up enough bone. Could it possibly be because they're drinking more soda pop and less milk, the researchers say?

So the answer is not to make sure your kids drink milk, as nearly all commercial milk is pasteurized and that is something you clearly want to avoid. There are loads of problems with pasteurized milk. However, milk in its raw state is one of the keys to preventing bone fractures, as it is, in my estimation, the finest source of calcium available. It is far better than coral calcium.

Unfortunately, raw milk is not commercially available, and you will need to seek out a local dairy farmer for a supplier. If you are in the Chicago area there is an Amish farmer who comes in regularly that has developed a legal cow-share program, and you can purchase the raw milk through him. I firmly believe that if kids were to stop the soda, juice and most sweets and consume raw milk, they would have incredibly strong dense bones. As a side benefit they would most likely be cavity free and save big time on dental bills and the need to be exposed to any amalgams in the future.

JAMA Sep 17, 2003;290(11):1479-85

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