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Abortion Pill Killing Women

Since the abortion pill RU-486 was approved on September 28, 2000 there have been 400 reported complications to the FDA, which include heart attacks, severe bleeding, life-threatening blood clots, respiratory distress and infection. However, we may never know the real death toll from RU-486 because the cause of death usually is sanitized with one or more medical terms that obscure the truth, and abortion is not something that families of victims are anxious to talk about.

The FDA compromised the approval process of RU-486 at the urging of the Clinton administration. It was done under the Accelerated Approval of New Drugs for Serious or Life-threatening Illnesses. In order to do this, the FDA had to classify the termination of an unwanted pregnancy as a serious condition. This designation allows the FDA to approve drugs that could be harmful and ineffective prematurely.

World Net Daily September 25, 2003 L:OOK UP

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