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How to Prevent Sudden Death From Heart Disease

Most people don't realize that the most common symptom of heart disease is sudden death. In other words, there are no warning chest pains. You just drop dead and die. Actually, more than half of the people who die suddenly of cardiac causes have no signs or symptoms of heart disease. Fortunately, there is a simple natural solution that is not disputed in any way, shape or form by the traditional medical community. That solution is called fish oil. Works like a charm as two studies in JAMA and NEJM pointed out last year.

You could use fish if all of them weren't so heavily contaminated with mercury and PCBs. But it is far wiser to use cleaner and less expensive fish oil. I believe krill oil is one of the best.

Medication Sense is Dr. Jay Cohen's new Web site and has some great articles there. He is the author of Over Dose The Case Against the Drug Companies, and I interviewed him last year regarding his book. He makes some good arguments in this article that the media is intentionally overlooking fish oil as a solution in favor of the statin drugs, which don't help sudden death prevention at all.

Medication October-December, 2003

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