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ADVERTISEMENT Passes New England Journal of Medicine

Well folks we just updated the Web site stats and the popularity of the site continues to climb. We now have more visitors than the most prestigious medical journal on the planet, The New England Journal of Medicine. That makes the site the most visited medical journal site in the world. We now have more than 10 million "hits" per month and are averaging about 100,000 page views every day. It will be some time before we pass Mayo Clinic, but it is our hope to be the number one health site in the world.

So keep up the great work and let others know all the help they can get by using our free search engine to find the answers to their health questions. The more information they know, the less likely they will be dependent on traditional doctors who will likely offer drugs and surgery, which in no way, shape or form treat the cause of their illness. October 3, 2003

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