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Is the Internet Your Source of Knowledge?

For the non-tech readers let me explain that Slashdot is an incredible site for geeks. It is amazing that they are a top 1,000 Internet site and they have served as a model for me in helping design future features for my own site. One of their readers posted the following comment, and I thought some of you might like to read the responses to it:

"Since getting online seven or eight years ago, I have gradually abandoned almost all other sources of news and information, to the point where they've pretty much disappeared from my life. I'm a geek, but at age 49 not exactly a child of the Information Age. I've been surrounded by dictionaries, encyclopedias and similar books for most of my life. I still read fiction in book form, but if I'm trying to look up something and can't find it online in a couple minutes I generally just blow it off, as if there's no other place to look. This realization seems sort of stunning. I'm very curious if other Slashdot readers have become dependent on the Internet to that level, and what their thoughts are on the subject."

Slashdot October 1, 2003

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