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Pregnant Mom's Diet Can Turn Genes On And Off

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who is one of the leading authorities on how our emotions can regulate our genetic expression. I posted one of his articles earlier this year. New research is also confirming how diet can alter what our genes produce. In fact this field has a new name, epigenetics, which is the study of how environmental factors like diet, stress and maternal nutrition can change gene function without altering the DNA sequence in any way.

After reviewing many tens of thousands of articles on nutrition I am convinced that the single most important dietary influence for prenatal nutrition is adequate omega-3 fats. The ideal way to obtain that would be through fish or cod liver oil. This time of year we want to make certain that we shift to cod liver oil, unless you have measured your vitamin D levels and know they are normal or high. Optimizing omega-3 fats will virtually guarantee that the baby is term.

Premature deliveries are a nightmare that can be easily avoided with fish or cod liver oil. Using cod liver oil is also important for infants after they are born. This is especially true in the winter and if they are breastfed. Most people are not aware that very little vitamin D is transferred in breast milk. That is because vitamin D really is not a true vitamin; it is a steroid hormone precursor that we are designed to make from adequate sun exposure and for most of us in the United States that really stops about this time of year. So if you are breastfeeding please be sure to give your child one ml (cc) of liquid cod liver oil for every 10 pounds of body weight. If you are using formula it is vitally important that you review my recent recommendations on formula to optimize your baby's health.

The best brand of cod liver oil that I know of is Carlson's. You can obtain it in most health food stores, but if you can't easily find it, just go to our store and our staff will send you out a bottle lickety split. Please be aware that cod liver oil in capsules is not the same, even from Carlson. I only recently found this out. It has a far higher vitamin A concentration that might present a problem. I have talked with Carlson and they will have a new cod liver oil capsule available early next year.

New York Times October 7, 2003 (Free Registration Required)

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