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The Real Cause of the Obesity Epidemic?

This is a thought provoking article written by the same author in the NY Times who told us the truth of how cattle are raised in the United States. The central premise is that the major cause behind the current obesity epidemic is that farmers are producing too much food. As a result, there is an excess of cheap calories that clever marketers sooner or later will figure out a way to induce us to consume.

The government makes matters even worse by recklessly encouraging farmers to produce even more unneeded food through its subsidies. We are not talking about lightweight subsidies here either as the government is paying nearly $20 billion to keep this flawed design in place.

Cheap corn is truly the building block of the ''fast-food nation.'' Cheap corn, transformed into high-fructose corn syrup, is what allowed Coca-Cola to move from the svelte 8-ounce bottle of soda ubiquitous in the 70s to the chubby 20-ounce bottle of today. Cheap corn, transformed into cheap beef, is what allowed McDonald's to supersize its burgers and still sell many of them for no more than a dollar. Cheap corn gave us a whole raft of new highly processed foods, including the world-beating chicken nugget, which, if you study its ingredients, you discover is really a most ingenious transubstantiation of corn, from the corn-fed chicken it contains to the bulking and binding agents that hold it together.

New York Times October 12, 2003

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