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Ever Need to Know What the Heck an Acronym Means?

I don't know about you but I am frequently hit with e-mails that use acronyms I have never heard of. I wind up using Google to figure it out, but Google is not very efficient for this task. Fortunately, The Acronym Finder is the place to search for abbreviated meanings. The Acronym Finder is a database of over 313,000 acronyms and abbreviations with their definitions and will quickly resolve your confusion on what people are trying to tell you. The Acronym Finder contains the Web's largest acronyms and abbreviations searchable database. The database contains acronyms and abbreviations covering just about every imaginable subject that lends itself to jargon. There's also a results refinement tool that lets you narrow down results for common acronyms by subject.

A search for the acronym "AAA" returns 91 results. Depending on what you're looking for, you can reorder the results using the following categories: most common, information technology, military & government, science & medicine, organizations, business & finance, slang & chat or alternative searches. This makes it easier to differentiate the meaning for "airport airspace analysis" from the "alien adoption agency," for example. The database contains acronyms in many languages including French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese and others. It can be searched using wildcards for both acronyms and within meanings, and keywords within meanings. The database is growing very rapidly, with an average of 200 new verified and edited definitions added each day.

Acronym Finder

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