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Magnet Therapy for Depression

Patients whose depression failed to respond to drugs showed improvement when treated with magnetic stimulation of their scalps. Researchers have been exploring magnetic stimulation as an alternative to electroshock therapy for severely depressed patients who do not respond favorably to other treatments. The researchers tried the magnets as well as applying lower-frequency pulses to a part of the right side of the brain that is also affected by depression.

While it is likely that the magnets are better than antidepressants as they have far fewer side effects, it is important to realize that it is the rare occasion when magnets alone are appropriate. It is important to address the underlying causal factors. Last December I posted a comprehensive review of natural treatment options for depression that I would strongly recommend for those who are interested. One of the central physical keys, especially at this time of year, would be cod liver oil.

Archives General Psychiatry October 2003;60(10):1002-8

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