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Dentists Align With Coke

Isn't this a marriage made in heaven? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry lent its name to promotions for bottled fluoridated water, but critics called the deal a conflict because a Coca-Cola Co. joint venture markets the product. Quite tragic. If you haven't read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration I would strongly recommend it. Dr. Westin Price was one of the most prominent dentists at the turn of the century and wondered why so many children were getting cavities. He realized that it was the introduction of processed foods. So he traveled all over the world and documented how the introduction of processed food severely damaged the teeth. Even if you don't read the entire book, the pictures do a wonderful job of telling the story. The book was written in 1920 and is still very true today.

I believe that if kids are weaned from breast milk onto raw milk and minimize their use of grains, sugars, fruit juices and sodas, it is highly likely they will never acquire any cavities. Fluoride is not the answer to cavity prevention. Dr. John Lee passed away earlier this week and he was one of the leaders in helping us realize fluoride for cavity prevention is a myth.

Yahoo News October 22, 2003

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