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Humans Can Live For Hundreds of Years?

Scientists say people could live active lives for hundreds of years if humans follow the same biological rules as laboratory worms and optimize their signaling pathway involving insulin. By carefully tweaking genes and hormones, scientists extended the lifespan of the tiny roundworm six times. In human terms, the worms stayed healthy and active for 500 years.

There is no question that optimizing insulin levels is the key to optimizing the aging process. I wrote about his earlier this year. Also if you haven't read Dr. Rosedale's excellent lecture on insulin I would highly encourage you to do so. However, I firmly believe in the biblical texts that make it quite clear that our maximum life span is about 120 years and manipulation of even insulin genes will be highly unlikely to improve our lifespan significantly. Sorry folks, that means you will just need to follow the eating plan if you want to optimize your aging process.

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