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Coke Orange Juice to Lower Cholesterol--Does This Make Any Sense?

The world's largest soft drink maker will begin rolling out Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice on Monday. The orange juice contains cholesterol plant sterols that have been shown to reduce cholesterol by 10 percent. This makes about as much sense as a pack of cigarettes with vitamin C tablets to protect you from the tobacco. What Coke, and nearly all of traditional medicine does not understand in the least, is that the simple sugar fructose is actually one of the causes of cholesterol elevation. While plant sterols clearly have benefit, most of the benefit is achieved when they are consumed in a matrix with all the other supporting micronutrients. It is highly unlikely they will have any benefit when consumed with high amounts of fructose. This is one turkey new product you will want to avoid.

Fox News October 23, 2003

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