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The Amazing Influence Your Beliefs Have on Your Perception

The NY Times has an absolutely fascinating story detailing the science on why most people perceive Coke to taste better despite the fact that in blinded taste trials Pepsi is the consistent winner. A researcher found that when people were not aware if a drink was either Coke or Pepsi those who drank Pepsi had their ventral putamen become five times as active per MRI brain scanning technology. However, when he informed them that the drink they were consuming was Coke the results were completely different.

This is an incredible demonstration of the power of our beliefs to manifest physical changes in our brains and physical body. Our beliefs and emotions are also the most powerful regulator of our genetic expression. Just because we have a gene does not mean that our body will produce its product. The manufacture or expression of our genetic potential has a complex regulation system that is highly intertwined with our emotions. It is important to remember that it is the expression of the human genome, not the genome itself, that determines if we will develop disease. That is why it is absolutely ridiculous to chop off a woman's breast just because she has a cancer gene.

New York Times October 25, 2003

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