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More Lawsuits for Vaccine Makers

Thankfully, lawsuits are continuing to have a chilling effect on vaccine producers, both reducing the number of companies willing to get into the vaccine business and raising the costs of development. Since the government and medical "experts" refuse to listen to those who are being killed by vaccines, they really have no choice.

I recently saw a new patient whose healthy daughter received her first hepatitis B vaccine at the age of 12. She was a basketball player and shortly after the vaccination she developed left hand spasms and had trouble dribbling the basketball. One month later she received her second hepatitis B vaccine and she quickly developed a foot drop that further impaired her. Four months later she received her third hepatitis B shot and then one week later her eye started moving out. She was taken to the neurologist and diagnosed with a brain tumor. She wound up dieing from the brain tumor two and a half years later

As Michael Belkin states, "They ain't seen nothing yet. Look at tobacco and asbestos litigation. They are digging their own grave over their victims' dead bodies."

The Scientist.com October 27, 2003

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