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The Bright Future of Heatlh Care in the U.S.

Most Americans are profoundly pessimistic of the health care system and one of the major reasons is the increasing costs that are being passed on to the average consumer through increasing health care premiums. Medicare is also a disaster in progress, and certainly does not provide any ray of hope or reassurance to the current health care crisis. A Harris survey done last month showed that nearly two-thirds of the public are highly pessimistic about the improvement of the health care system over the next five years.

They should be. The current health care system is an unmitigated disaster. However, I am not one of those who are pessimistic, as I know what is going on in the "inside." For the last six months I have been seeing fewer patients and have been using the time to network and form strategic alliances to transform this fatally flawed system. Earlier this year it became quite obvious to me that there is no single organization that can stand up to the drug industry's resources and that it will require unified action through a multi-discipline network. So keep reading this blog and you will be one of the first to know of the alliance of the forces for good that are aligning to bring an authentic solution to this crisis.

Health Care News October 27, 2003 PDF File

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