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Details You Need to Know About Digital Cameras

I have had a digital camera for over two years now and it is a regular fixture on my belt as I travel. I have nearly 4,000 pictures on my hard drive and I have captured many great scenes. This morning's article in the NY Times is a great summary of important information you should know if you have or plan on purchasing a digital camera soon. I purchased a Canon S-30 (3 megapixel) camera and have been very pleased with the results. The article states that for most of us, higher resolution cameras are not necessary, as a 3-meg camera will allow you to easily print high-quality 8 X 10 pictures all day long.

However, if you do crop your pictures after you take them then the extra pixels can make a major difference. So if you do lots of photo editing then you will want a higher resolution camera. One of the problems with higher resolution cameras though is that since there is more data it takes more time to write the file to your memory card, thus increasing the time between shots. It also increases the time it takes to transfer your pictures to your computer. So while you're at it, it would be best if your camera had a Firewire or USB 2.0 port to transfer the pictures to your computer. Alternatively, you could purchase an external high-speed memory card reader and transfer the pictures directly to your computer.

Once you have the picture files on your computer you will want to make certain that you have a back-up. I have learned the hard way that burning them to a CD is NOT to be considered as permanent storage. Exposure to any significant light will destroy the data. So please save any important files or pictures to another hard drive. The new MP3 players are excellent for this. I back-up mine on my 60-gig Nomad Zen, but that is only because the new Dell Digital Jukebox wasn't out until this week, as that would be my MP3 player of choice now.

New York Times October 30, 2003

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