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Soy Formula Kills Three Babies

"Remedia" soy milk, sold as a Kosher formula feed, appears to have been lacking vitamin B1, vital to brain development, and has led to deaths and many injuries. Acute death in infants is tragic indeed, but what this story fails to recognize is that ALL soy formula is worse than worthless for human infants and is nearly guaranteed to cause problems down the road. What are some of the problems with soy formula? Let's list them:

Soy formula is generally given to infants that aren't breastfeeding and have trouble taking regular cow milk-based infant formulas. While I am no fan of these formulas either, they tend to be safer than soy formula. However these formulas are derived from pasteurized milk. If you haven't heard by now pasteurized milk is not good for you or your baby. Fortunately, you can use raw milk to produce a terrific infant formula, but remember that breast milk is always best.

BBC News November 10, 2003

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