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The Future of Vaccine Research

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, nationally recognized leader in the pro-choice vaccine movement, provided the following link and commentary:

Spend a little time on the link below and you will find that this group is planning to:

  • Control the vaccine research
  • Determine the vaccine research criteria
  • Determine what data goes in the database ... and who can access it
  • Control who does the research and the criteria that they are allowed to research

    When You Control the Data, You Control the Outcome
    They aim to "ensure the ongoing trust in immunizations as one of the most successful and cost-effective global public health interventions by enabling scientifically rigorous understanding of immunization safety issues." (quote from Web site)

    They are Going to Make Sure That we Never Ever can Make a Causal Link of Vaccines to Anything, Especially Autism
    This is the most frightening vaccine document I've seen yet in all the research that I have done.

    Brighton Collaboration

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