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Medicare Bill a Major Catastrophe for Future of This Country

In the race to provide 40 million seniors with the popular drug benefit, the voices of fiscal restraint were quashed. The $400 billion program you have heard and read about is likely to cost a good deal more than was advertised in the brochure. Let us examine history. In 1966 when Medicare was introduced it was predicted to cost $12 billion by 1990, but it cost over $107 billion in 1990.

Similarly, the $400 billion announced new Medicare price tag hides the magnitude of the promises being put into law. The current director of the Congressional Budget Office says the costs of the bill will jump in the second decade to between $1.3 trillion and $2 trillion. The current gap in coverage means those with prescription bills between $2,250 and $5,100 get no relief. It's a good bet that politically powerful seniors aren't likely to allow that hole to gape for long; expect to see politicians buckle as they have before when faced with the well-organized lobby.

Before the current Medicare changes, the system was scheduled to run dry in 2026, when the 77 million baby boomers enjoying long life spans will make more demands on the system than it can handle. Now the bills for their drugs--yet-to-be-discovered superdrugs in particular--may accelerate that crisis. Even if the money were to be used for some valid purpose I would have a major problem with it on principle alone, but the sad reality is that there is very little benefit to seniors. All they are receiving are chemicals to treat their symptoms. Chemicals that in no way, shape or form treat the underlying cause of their health problems. In exchange for these chemical Band-Aids, our country is even further committed to increasing the revenues of the drug companies.

If this doesn't get your blood boiling I don't know what else would. This massive transfer of our country's wealth to the drug companies is one of the reasons why I am starting the non-profit association to battle the drug companies. It is a David against Goliath set-up for certain, but I believe that, like David, God is behind this movement and will provide all the necessary resources to defeat Goliath.

I am currently in discussions with some of the major national health leaders to form this coalition. One of those leaders is my absolute favorite congressman, Dr. Ron Paul. You can read his take on the Medicare bill by clicking on the link below. December 2, 2003

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