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Flu Shot Demand Rises Sharply BUT Don't Be Fooled

The deaths of at least five Colorado children in the past two weeks to the influenza virus, coupled with what experts predict will be an especially miserable flu season, have ratcheted up demand for the vaccine and stirred fear among some parents.

Over five years ago, I posted a warning on the flu vaccines. Now we have an advertising campaign for Flumist that will cost an estimated $25 million. Sounds like a lot but Wyeth, the flu vaccine maker, will be spending another $75 million to promote this vaccine to doctors, for a grand total of $100 million.

Now, $100 million may seem like a ton of money to spend on ads, but does anyone care to guess how much they anticipate making on this vaccine?

The answer is a cool $1 billion.

The "experts" will use fear to motivate people to get a flu vaccine, but this is yet another health care illusion. Let's be clear, flu can definitely be a killer disease and is not something that should be easily dismissed. But, remember that flu shots don't prevent illness -- never have, never will.

The flu vaccine can actually weaken the immune system and make you more predisposed to the illness.

Just remember, the flu vaccine is not the answer to avoiding the flu.

People are dying from the flu because they are already sick and have compromised immune systems. The majority of the cause is surely related to eating too much sugar and too many grains, getting inadequate rest and suffering from unresolved emotional trauma.

I discuss the dangers of sugar and grains in my new book. If you are healthy you will likely never get the flu, but if you do there are some simple strategies that you can follow that will be highly beneficial. One is to try the inexpensive and non-toxic hydrogen peroxide treatment.

An essential resource for anyone interested in finding out more about the vaccine issue is ?Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal,? a two-hour video by world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The video is the culmination of Dr. Tenpenny?s three-year investigation into the real story behind vaccines. The facts on several crucial areas are covered including:

  • How vaccines can cause illnesses including autoimmune diseases, allergies, ear infections, and more
  • The very real link between vaccines and developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children
  • How vaccines have never been proven safe
  • The ingredients and contaminants in vaccines and why they?re detrimental to your health
  • How vaccine studies are seriously flawed

Washington Post December 4, 2003; Page A01

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