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US Delays Cleaning Up Toxic Mercury In Your Fish

Amazingly this news story was pulled from the U.S. Reuters and can only be found on their UK site. Really makes one wonder if there is a major filtering of the news going on. As I mentioned in an earlier article, Reuters is the world's largest news agency and has the same chairman as the world's largest drug company. The suppressed story is that the Bush administration is seeking a change in rules that would give utilities more time to cut mercury emissions that could expose more children to nerve damage. Mercury emissions, 40 percent of which come from coal burning power plants, have been linked to neurological problems. Nursing babies whose mothers ear contaimintated fish can ingest it. Over 40 tons of mercury is put into the air every year in the U.S. by this method. Please read my mercury in fish article for further information.

Reuters UK December 4, 2003

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