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ADD Drugs May Damage Children's Brains

About five percent of the kids in the U.S. can be diagnosed with ADD. I can't think of any situation where one can justify using these drugs to treat children who are diagnosed with ADD. Several years ago, I interviewed the late Lendon Smith and he provided many non-drug options to treat ADD. Now, rat studies suggest that these drugs may cause permanent and irreversible brain damage. One of the study researchers commented, "These three studies remind us how limited our knowledge is of the neurochemical and functional characteristics of the human brain during childhood and adolescence and on the effects of psychotropic drugs on brain development."

Too bad the drug companies are more interested in making profits than the long-term health of children. But why would they recommend fish oil that really does work for ADD and actually improves their intelligence and health when they can't make any money from that?

Yahoo News December 8, 2003

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