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Service Clubs Really Making A Difference For Health

This article in the Washington Post is a dramatic testimony of what can be done by volunteer groups in making a dent for health in the world. Rotary is the oldest service club and was founded in Chicago in 1905. Kiwanis (whose name is a shortened form of an Indian phrase meaning "we trade") began in Detroit in 1915. The first Lions Club formed in Chicago two years later. All made charitable works in their community's part of their mission. The Lions chose blindness prevention as a theme in 1925 when 45-year-old Helen Keller challenged them to become "knights of the blind in this crusade against darkness." All eventually opened clubs on other continents.

While these organizations have focused on using traditional medical approaches for many diseases, it is clear that there is no contemporary equivalent that is focusing on using natural therapies to alleviate the tremendous suffering and disability that is so ineffectively addressed by nearly all traditional medical modalities.

It is quite clear to me that there is a need for a broad based wellness coalition to provide an infrastructure similar to these service organizations that would allow people to volunteer their time, resources and energies to allow healing to occur at a far deeper level. This is an enormously ambitious project, but I sincerely feel that this is divinely orchestrated as the pieces of the puzzle to allow this to happen seem to be falling into place quite nicely.

We have hired a full time executive director and have about six nationally prominent natural health leaders who have agreed to participate. One of the first steps you can take right now is to make sure you get a copy of my [new book?Total Health Program ] as all my commissions for that book are being donated to this wellness association.

Washington Post December 7, 2003; Page A01

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