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How Drug Companies Deceive Medical Journals

Medical journals have tremendous influence over physicians as they legitimize the "science" of medicine. If you have been reading this site for some time, you will know that I include large numbers of references to the medical literature. However, it is important to recognize that this form of validation can be relatively easily manipulated with economic pull. Big suprise? Hardly.

New research shows that hundreds of articles in medical journals claiming to be written by academics or doctors have been penned by ghostwriters of the drug companies. Estimates suggest that almost half of all articles published in journals are by ghostwriters. While doctors who have put their names to the papers can be paid handsomely for 'lending' their reputations, the ghostwriters remain hidden. They, and the involvement of the pharmaceutical firms, are rarely revealed.

Unfortunately this is not new information as even the New England Journal of Medicine has published articles describing how rampant this reprehensible policy is.

The Guardian December 7, 2003

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