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Low-Grain Diet Great for Seizures

Last month I had a 10-month-old girl who came to the Untied States from Jordan to have her seizures taken care of. She was on two drugs for her seizures and they weren't helping her. She had been evaluated at Mayo Clinic and told that some unknown factor was attacking her brain and she had a very poor prognosis. She could tolerate very few foods and was placed on a very expensive elemental formula for food. She also had very low muscle tone (hypotonia).

I immediately discontinued her seizure meds and formula and I replaced it with raw milk, raw eggs, cod liver oil and some evening primrose oil and carnitine for her hypotonia. I also referred her to a local wellness chiropractor for spinal adjustments. I saw her today for her one-month follow-up and was delighted that her seizures had virtually disappeared on the program and she was smiling rather than staring blankly out into space. Although it is clear this little girl is still recovering from some undefined brain injury, she is substantially improved in just a few short weeks and I am hopeful that she will recover most of her lost function.

Folks, the Total Health Program really does work. I relate the above story as it is fresh in my mind, I have seen many other children and adults recover from seizures by going off the grains. The study below also documented similar benefits with a no grain diet but unfortunately attributed it to the ketosis involved by going on an Atkins diet. These researchers were clueless as to the reason why their therapy worked. Once you dramatically remove grains, sugars, and juices from the diet, insulin levels dramatically improve and normal insulin levels and the correct pH by eating the right foods for one's nutritional type and adequate omega-3 fats are the central keys to eliminating seizures.

Yahoo News December 9, 2003

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