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Many Reasons to Stop or Limit Your Kids Watching TV

The more television children watch the less fruit and vegetables they eat, probably because the advertising they see leaves them craving junk food instead. Heavy television viewing by children has been linked to eating more junk food, getting less exercise and obesity, but this was the first study to show that TV watching led to lower consumption of nutritious fruit and vegetables. American children spend more time watching television than engaging in any other activity except sleeping, averaging 22 hours of viewing a week, the report said. They are exposed to 20,000 TV commercials a year, or 150 to 200 hours worth.

I stopped all personal access to TV when the Chicago Bulls won their last championship in 1995. I just love watching Michael Jordan play basketball. The only time I ever watched it was when I would go to a different city and have access to it in a hotel room. However, now I don't even turn it on in the hotel room. Last week I was in Seattle for five days and did not watch it at all. I am far too busy to have time to waste on mindless entertainment. However, like most of you, I certainly enjoy the information channels, like Discover.

Now you don't have to be like me and avoid all TV, but it would be highly beneficial for your children to avoid watching TV as it has also been associated with:

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