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And You Thought Pension Funds Were Scary

Health care costs continue to rise. From the 1950s through the 1970s, a number of industrial companies agreed to pay for their employees' health care after they retired. Now that bill is starting to come due. Current company estimates for health care costs put their obligations at $284 billion. Not that this is bad enough, but most of these company's projected health care costs to rise at 5 percent and it has been rising at 15 percent. Funding for these plans is an abysmally low 13.2 percent. By comparison, pension obligations at these companies are 65.6 percent funded.

This is a potential economic catastrophe that can clearly wake these major corporations up. They will be looking for some hard answers to save costs and keep people healthy, and folks modern medicine does not have those answers, but natural medicine certainly does.

New York Times December 14, 2003

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